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The Landmark Difference ...

Customer Service

Our Ten Touch Program for Customer Satisfaction,
Keeping You Always Informed.

  1. CSR confirms with client arrival of project immediately upon receiving order.
  2. After reviewing the file or hard copy, CSR contacts client to ask questions
    or verify understanding. Proof date and tentative delivery date also are established.
  3. CSR sends project estimate for approval and Purchase Order if Applicable.
  4. CSR notifies client when proof is sent electronically or scheduled for delivery.
  5. CSR confirms with client final proof approval and delivery/mailing/shipping date.
  6. As project flows through departments – and approvals are submitted (Bindery proof, Mailing proof, etc.) – CSR informs client if any issues arise.
  7. Always inform client right away of any issues that could affect delivery date.
  8. Prior to leaving for deliveries, the driver submits to CSR a completed delivery form signed by the production supervisor. CSR then contacts client to notify them of expected delivery time and place of delivery.
    At a minimum, the form includes the following:
    Client’s Company Name
    Recipient’s name
    Invoice number
    Proof designation (when applicable)
    Departure time
    Anticipated order of deliveries
  9. For local deliveries, driver calls client to inform them that the job has arrived and where it was specifically delivered. This is usually the front desk, loading dock, Post Office or other specific point.
  10. For shipped project, CSR sends tracking number to originator of the order.